Articles about Abdala’s Art

  • January 24, 2011 – Ohio University Compass

    ‘Exile in Poverty’ exhibit features globetrotting artist

    Abdala Faye dedicated to his lifelong passion

  • August 11, 2010 – Park View Gallery

    Interview with Abdala Faye

    Read the full interview.

  • September 29, 2009 – Chillicothe School District

    Visiting Artist Shares His Positive Message With CCSD Art Students

    “During his presentation, to some of our Middle School and High School Art students, the students were completely captivated not just by Mr.Faye’s Artwork, but his message as well. He has truly inspired some of our young Artists in the Chillicothe City Schools.”

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  • 2009 – Cincinnati Enquirer

    Artists paint unusual realities

  • 2006 – Daily Iowan

    Article about Tate Festival

  • 2004 – Iowa City Press Citizen

    Article about Abdala Faye

  • 2004 – University of Iowa online gallery, The Daily Palette

    “Art is my voice and fingers, the tools I use to manifest the depths of the unknown and the subconscious mind. My art is the connection between the known and unknown, or conscious and unconscious-translating my perception of this crossroad. Therefore, it respects no boundaries, no conventional representations. In respecting the way of inspiration, there is no place for convention becase its sole purpose is to reflect creativity and respect the process of art, which is free. My art has no identity but its own, meaning it does not fit one category or definition, whether this is style, medium, or measurement, it transforms with time as I do my work and display, therefore, where I’ve been, who I am. This is who I am right now.”
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  • Jauary 26, 2004 – Cedar Rapids Gazette

    Crowning Achievement

    Read the article about Abdala’s shop, Akebuland.

  • October 31, 2003 – Iowa City Press Citizen

    African Continues Resistance with Shop